6 de abril de 2023

Avalanche Pre-Consensus Development Sneak Peek


⚙️ Our dev team has been busy building, and we wanted to share some insights with you on the Avalanche development progress on eCash!👷

🚀 Let's dive right into it! ⬇️

✅ The backports of all 'Mempool-related improvements done in Bitcoin Core' are completed!

🛠 This was the essential engineering work required to lay the foundation for the Avalanche Pre-Consensus integration.

👨🏻‍💻 The dev team is now working on the Mempool structures to:

1. Store conflicting transactions so they can be polled (instead of the first-seen rule)

2. Store finalized transactions so that conflicting transactions and blocks that contain such transactions can be rejected

🗃 The Mempol structure that holds finalized transactions will also be used to construct the block template.

⚡️ This will make the block template generation super fast which will allow scaling when blocks get bigger!

🚀 Avalanche Pre-Consensus won't be part of the upcoming May 15th upgrade, but its development is in full swing and the devs are doubling down efforts to complete it as soon as possible. 🔥

🗻 Learn more ➡️

🗞 Stay tuned for more updates! 😉