3 de mayo de 2023

Chronik Indexer Development Sneak Peek


Avalanche is not the only XECeptional infrastructure upgrade the eCash dev team is bringing to the table. 😉

👨🏻‍💻 Developments on Chronik indexer are also in the late stages and thus we wanted to share some insights with you all! 🙌🏻

🚀 Let's dive right into it! ⬇️

📒🔍 An indexer is a basic infrastructure tool that keeps track of addresses, transactions, blocks, and their states. Chronik is an indexer integrated right into the eCash node software (Bitcoin ABC). ⚙️

A built-in indexer is something that has been proposed on Bitcoin Core several times but never came to fruition.

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By running a node with the desired indexing functions, Chronik will provide a significant boost for developers and businesses! Eliminating the need to deal with multiple applications results in simpler logic, excluding possible syncing errors or version incompatibilities.

Chronik operates at super speeds due to its efficient code written in Rust, utilization of a rapid key-value store, and smart architecture that fetches data directly from the node! ⚡️

Kudos to dev @TobiasRuck for his high-quality code. 👏🏻

⚒ Chronik development is 70% complete, with integration into the node and essential components like resync handling and query management in place.

💪🏻 Websockets have also been established for full compatibility with Avalanche Pre-Consensus.

Overall, Chronik is simple, convenient, robust, and efficient, making it an empowering tool for developers! 💯

The wallet already uses an external Chronik instance, allowing users to experience its benefits when making transactions. 😊

🗞 For more XECiting info on developments, check out our Avalanche Development Sneak Peek, and don’t forget to join our official Discord and Telegram communities! 😉