31 de diciembre de 2022

eCash Monthly Recap - December 2022


December was a MASSIVE month for the eCash ecosystem! 😍

2 new GNC projects, 3 exchanges activating 1-block finality for XEC deposits, 2 releases of eCash node software, and more... 🚀

Did you miss any of the updates? 👀

Let’s take you through a recap!  👇

🌟 Key Highlights - Cashtab Wallet

🎉 Cashtab wallet's Chronik integration is 💯 complete:

⚡️ Improved loading speed

📒 Optimized transaction history

⚙️ Efficient all-in-one backend

🔔 Instant notifications

🧑‍💻 Significant optimization & simplification of the codebase

🌟 Key Highlights - GNC (Global Network Council)

🤝 eCash's GNC approved and funded a new project: P2P Electronic Cash Research in Ciudad Morazán, Honduras! 🇭🇳


🚀 A minimal eToken explorer app funded by the GNC, was developed and released:


🌟 Key Highlights - Bitcoin ABC Node Software

🛠💻 Bitcoin ABC releases versions 0.26.8 and 0.26.9 bringing new RPCs for requesting a specific block from a specific peer, restoring a wallet from a backup file, and several other improvements.


🌟 Key Highlights - Avalanche on eCash

🎯 Bitrue, CoinEx, and SouthXChange joined the growing 1-conf club and started offering 1-confirmation XEC deposits, secured by Avalanche Post-Consensus on eCash! 🔥


✨ eCash Avalanche Network Overview

Total Staked: 85.3B XEC

Number of Nodes: 37

Number of Peers: 22 

🌟 Key Highlights - News/Media 🗞️

🚀 Hotbit exchange reduces the number of confirmations required for XEC deposits from 10 down to 2. 🔥

🚀 exchange reduces the number of confirmations required for XEC deposits from 10 down to 5. 🔥

🛠️ A new starter guide by Cashtab lead dev Joey King for developers that want to build on eCash:


🆕 Episode of eCash Why Crypto series: WAR


🌟 Key Highlights - Community & Milestones

🚀 Team @Gorbeious launches a new wallet enabling users to swap eTokens on the eCash network in a 💯 trustless and peer-to-peer manner. 🤝


🥳 The first season of the eCash Contribution Rewards program was successfully concluded! 🎉

🎁 100M in XEC rewards were awarded to the top contributors in the two categories of #XECartisan👩‍🎨 and #XECengineer👷🏼‍♂️


🔭 Towards January 2023

✨ It's been an eventful and incredible year of building for eCash! 🛠️😍

We are well placed for bright days ahead, thank you for your support and company throughout the year. 👐

Happy new year #eCashArmy! 🎉😊